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Hiawatha water pumping FAQ's

Is there a water quality impact on Lake Hiawatha from the pumped water?  

The water quality of Minnehaha Creek has a significantly larger impact on the water quality of Lake Hiawatha than the pumped water. Testing has demonstrated that levels of nutrients such as phosphorus were similar in the pumped groundwater and the lake. 

Where is the water coming from that is being pumped into the lake?

Approximately 17 percent of the water is stormwater runoff, 33 percent is seepage directly from Lake Hiawatha, and 50 percent is shallow groundwater.

How much groundwater is being pumped into Lake Hiawatha?

Approximately 242,000,000 gallons of shallow groundwater are pumped into Lake Hiawatha from the golf course on an annual basis. This includes lake seepage, water that might have been pumped but is reentering the ground under the golf course property. Lake seepage is considered to be groundwater. When comparing the volume of pumped shallow groundwater to the volume of water entering the lake from Minnehaha Creek, the pumped groundwater accounts for approximately 1 percent of the total volume. 

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